How to Create the Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen in Your Conroe, TX Home

Planning to renovate your kitchen in Conroe, TX during the pandemic? Good idea. As one of the most important rooms in any home, it can boost your property’s value by as much as 29 percent. Especially if your property catches the eye of any fellow foodies. And it’s not just about the potential profit: a beautiful, well-equipped kitchen is also a fantastic investment if you just love to cook. Either way, you have to make sure you get it right. And you can do that by thinking about the key elements of a gourmet kitchen carefully and implementing the latest touches, ideal for preparing almost any dish you can imagine. It’s complicated but very doable. Here are seven expert tips to help you get started.

Make space for a double oven

Fitting a double oven allows you to prepare different foods with totally different requirements at the same time. You can coordinate meals much more easily and efficiently: if one thing takes longer to cook than another, you can leave it in to stay warm. There’s no need to reheat it later. When you have friends and family to feed, a double oven empowers you with the means to prepare twice as much food as you could with a single oven. It’s fantastic for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc.

Keep kitchen worktops easy to clean

If you’ve ever been inside a professional kitchen or you watch a lot of cooking shows, you’ll have seen chefs preparing dishes on stainless steel counters. And they’re terrific for your own ultimate gourmet kitchen. Why? Two big reasons:
  • Stainless steel worktops are resistant to rust and heat
  • Stainless steel does not stain
So, you can place hot pots on worktops without worrying about leaving a dreaded scorched ring behind. And don’t worry about spilling that glass of red wine while you’re cooking, either. Still, if you don’t like the idea of installing stainless steel worktops in your gourmet kitchen, there are alternatives. For example, quartz is stain-resistant and granite is both heat resistant and antibacterial. Whichever type of kitchen worktops you choose, make sure they’re easy to clean. Keeping your cooking area neat and hygienic will be a lot simpler when you don’t need to worry about the long-term traces/damage you might be creating.

Install a large fridge and freezer

Equip your gourmet kitchen with a large refrigerator and bottom freezers for all the storage any domestic chef needs. You have a huge variety to choose from here, so explore your options and take your time to weigh them up. Some of the leading brands can be expensive but remember: you’re making an investment. If you buy a fridge and freezer capable of keeping food fresh for longer than average appliances, you’re less likely to create as much waste. You can also stock up on a bigger range of ingredients, ideal for creating a diverse set of meals each week. And let’s not forget, a professional-grade fridge could make your kitchen more appealing to potential homebuyers in the future.

Prioritize warm, bright colors

Colors can have an amazing psychological effect, particularly in your gourmet kitchen. It’s not just a case of painting the walls any hue that catches your eye — you need to think carefully about the type of ambiance and mood you want to cultivate. For example, studies show red has the power to trigger your appetite, which is why so many restaurants tend to include it in their signs or advertising. It can also inspire passion, intensity, and romance, which might be ideal if you plan to prepare romantic meals on a regular basis. But blue has been shown to actually curb appetite, which might not be ideal for the ultimate gourmet kitchen.  Orange and green can both work beautifully in kitchens too, as they’re warm and contrast with most appliances/fixtures nicely.

Identify the best positions for your lighting

In Conroe and North Houston in general, we have great natural lighting. The right lighting is crucial for the ultimate gourmet kitchen: you need to have clear visibility to prepare dishes to the highest standard, stay safe while using sharp tools, and spot areas that need to be cleaned. Task lighting is a popular addition, such as under-cabinet lights, and they can create a cozy ambiance once the hard part’s done. Positioning pendant lights above your kitchen worktops should provide you with all the illumination required to cook at your best. Embedded spotlights at strategic points throughout the preparation area are a convenient touch too. But if you rely on a basic overhead light that spills a meager glow across the entire kitchen instead of task lighting, you’re not making the most of your gourmet kitchen. It’ll be much less impressive and practical.

Fit a professional-grade cooking gas range

A professional-grade cooking range is fundamental. They can be expensive, but a well-made gas appliance offers you tighter control over your pots’ temperature when cooking. Gas ranges heat up sooner, and you’ll reduce your electricity consumption over time too. Plus, professional-grade gas ranges can bring another touch of sophistication and style to your gourmet kitchen’s decor.

Stay organized

Never underestimate the value of quality kitchen cabinets and storage solutions. You have to take advantage of the space available without letting your kitchen look cluttered or disorganized. Obviously, you’ll need to keep all cookware, utensils, spices, etc. close to your range and ovens. Pull-out shelves and drawer organizers can help you utilize every inch of space. There are plenty of hidden storage ideas out there for you to try, particularly if your kitchen’s not as big as you’d like it to be. And a magnetic knife rack above a worktop is another terrific idea for reducing clutter and achieving that professional aesthetic. These seven tips can help you create the ultimate gourmet kitchen in your home. Want to work with a professional team of kitchen remodeling experts to get it just right? DWR Construction has around 20 years of experience providing homeowners with their ideal kitchen, transforming everything from sinks and flooring to cabinets. Get in touch with our North Houston remodeling team to learn more now!

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