5 Guest Bathroom Ideas To Wow Your Guests

It’s easy to overlook your guest bathroom, even if you invite people to stay over on a regular basis. You might spruce-up your spare bedrooms to maximize friends’ and relatives’ comfort while they’re under your roof, but forget all about your guest bathroom.  And that’s a shame. Because every guest you have will visit the bathroom multiple times in a day, and the decor has a huge impact on the quality of their stay.  But how do you bring that all-important wow factor to your guest bathroom?  Here are five fantastic ideas to help you get started. 

Install a luxurious bath tub your guests can’t resist

We all love to soak in a hot bath on a winter evening. Perhaps with a glass of wine and a book or a favorite podcast.  A friend, sibling, parent, or parent-in-law might want to take a bath to unwind after a meal or a day out (Lake Conroe, perhaps?). But they could change their mind when they see your tub if it’s too small for them or just looks a little too weathered to be inviting.  So, spoil your guests and install a luxurious tub they’ll be clamoring to climb into. You have plenty of options to choose from to complement your bathroom’s current or planned decor, from beautiful freestanding tubs and drop-in tubs to alcove tubs. Take your pick! Your guests will thank you for it. 

Transform the guest bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling renovation

A bathroom renovation might be just the thing if your guest bathroom starts to feel a little stale.  This might sound like a major undertaking if you plan to handle it yourself, which is why it’s always best to hire professionals to handle guest bathroom renovations instead.  A floor-to-ceiling renovation can transform the entire look and ambiance of your guest bathroom, injecting fresh colors, a new layout, and a whole new character. It’s sure to wow your guests every time.  Speak to North Houston bathroom renovation specialists to discuss costs, timelines, etc. before you commit. The best firms will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision. 

Fit new countertops for that five-star hotel aesthetic

Countertops and vanities are another element of your guest bathroom you might overlook when you don’t use it often. Outdated or run-down countertops and vanities can drag the entire room down. Guests might view your bathroom as being dilapidated and even unclean if the countertops seem neglected.  But beautiful countertops and elegant vanities have the power to introduce a touch of five-star luxury into your bathroom. They make fantastic centerpieces that grab visitors’ attention as soon as they open the door. Stand beside them and watch their jaw drop the first time they see your new additions! You could even theme your guest bathroom’s aesthetic around the countertops to create a cohesive style, building from the center outwards. Think carefully about the type of decor you want to go for — traditional, country, minimalist, industrial , etc. You don’t want to install new countertops and vanities only to find they clash with everything else in the room!

Bring the outside in for a breath of fresh air

North Houston has its fair share of beautiful flowers and greenery, so take inspiration from them in your guest bathroom. Bringing fresh flowers and plants into your guest bathroom adds natural color, no matter the theme you’re aiming to achieve. They’ve also been shown to eliminate toxins, reduce stress, improve concentration, and more.  Some thrive more in small spaces than others, such as bird’s nest fern, pothos, and aloe vera. Just be sure to water them whenever necessary and trim them if they start to look a little wild. You want flowers and plants to freshen the guest bathroom up, not turn it into the Little Shop of Horrors.

Show off your character and make guests feel welcome with personal touches

Cultivating the perfect guest bathroom can seem daunting, and it’s easy to forget about including little touches that reflect your personality. But those small additions are crucial to ensure your guests feel in your home: they know you, they know your tastes and quirks, so why not embrace them? The form these personal touches take is down to you and the style you’re hoping to achieve. For example, if you love to paint or sketch, you could frame a couple of your own pieces on the walls to make the space feel unique. Love photography? Mount some of your own snaps above the tub to wow your guests.  On the other hand, you might want to go for something totally different. Such as? How about a few artistic statuettes, images from your favorite movies, or almost anything else you like. Experiment. Try different combinations. Make your guest bathroom feel as much a part of your home as the rest of your house.  And don’t be afraid to ask guests for their opinions! Gather suggestions during visits and see what works best.  We hope these five guest bathroom ideas help you amaze your friends and loved ones in the future. There’s lots to think about and look into, no matter how many changes you want to make.  At DWR Construction, we have years of invaluable experience helping homeowners in Texas create the bathrooms of their dreams. From Spring to North Houston, from Kingwood TX to Cypress Texas, DWR Construction has you covered.  We work with the best suppliers to bring you the finest products and materials to suit any decor, to satisfy any aesthetic taste.  We’re dedicated to providing you with a completely custom service to ensure the guest bathroom you want is the one you get. Whether this means installing luxurious new countertops, fitting a gorgeous new freestanding tub, or a total floor-to-ceiling renovation, we’ll work with you to build the perfect package.  Want to learn more about our bathroom remodeling and renovation solutions? Just give us a call on 281-419-4144 today!

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